Wine school

Wine production is growing fast in our country and therefore there are a lot of consumers preferring this drink. However it is difficult to find some good wine – a sommelier will help you in a restaurant or wine boutique but a seller consultant in a supermarket will not be able to characterize a wine of any trade mark in a proper manner.

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On top of that, many people are suspicious towards Ukrainian wines and consider them to be of poor quality. There are many rumours about "powder wine" and counterfeits which make customers refuse wine at all or prefer to buy foreign wine, the quality of which may be worse in some cases. How can an ordinary customer choose wine, which he wouldn’t complain later?

The viniculture specialists recommend buying dry or sweet wines, paying attention to the labelling and date of manufacture, as the wine age is not always the indicator of its quality, and reading the wine composition.

Detailed information about how to choose a wine and about wines of different brands and countries will be available at the special Wine School of the Wine Fest festival where high-quality sommeliers will act as teachers. They will give unique lessons to those who like wine and want to know about it as much as possible, share their professional experience and tell about wine etiquette and represent Ukrainian wines and viniculture to their apprentices.

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