Wine Fest - Festival of wine, viniculture & viticulture

Wine Fest is a unique cultural and business event both for Ukraine and famous wine-making countries of Europe. It has harmonically combined three directions: presentation of wine to customers by wine manufacturers and distributors, professional exhibition of wine-making and synthesis of wine with different arts: painting, music, cinematograph, architecture and design.


  • To favor the development of high-quality wine consumption culture and Ukrainian wine traditions
  • To create an effective platform for high-quality wine products promotion, implementation of advanced wine-making technologies, assistance in development of inter-regional and international business relations between wine industry specialists


    • Development of national viniculture, wine and other viniculture products consumption culture
    • Consolidation of national wine market players
    • Support of high reputation of Ukrainian wine manufacturers
    • Promotion of quality wine sales level rising on domestic and international market
    • Creation of an effective platform for wine products presentation to consumers and an independent business communication centre for industry professionals


    • Consumers – connoisseurs of wine and viniculture products
    • Experts, journalists, artists
    • Celebrities
    • Wine industry specialists:
      • Vineyards
      • Manufacturers of wine and materials for wine-making
      • Manufacturers of cognac and other viniculture products
    • Retailers
      • Specialized wine and alcohol retail shops
      • Food products retail shops
      • Universal products retail shops
      • Duty free shops
    • Professional representatives of wholesalers and distributors
    • Specialist of HoReCa enterprises
      • Hotels
      • Restaurants, cafés, bars
      • Catering and events service


    • Still wine, sparkling wine and champagne, bio-wine, cognac, brandy, vermouth and other viniculture products
    • Equipment and technologies
      • Technological equipment
      • Raw materials
      • Automation and filtration systems
      • Equipment for case and packaging production
      • Case and packaging, printing products
      • Laboratory equipment
    • Viticulture
      • Seedlings, fertilizers and protection means
      • Equipment and machinery
    • Analytic equipment
    • Wine accessories, wine storage cabinets, vessels
    • Specialized editions and literature

    The organizer of the Wine Fest is Kyiv International Contract Fair, the leader of exhibition business in Ukraine. The company organizes about 50 specialized national and international exhibitions every year.

    The festival Wine Fest will be held concurrently with the International Expoforum of Restaurant, Hotel Business and Cleaning FoReCH 2011. (Statistics of the International Expoforum of Restaurant, Hotel Business and Cleaning FoReCH 2010).

    Participating countries – 7 (Ukraine, France, Russia, Poland, India, Italy, Germany)

    Gross exhibition Area – 7 524 sq. m.

    Total number of exhibitors – 211

    Total number of visitors - 11 039

    Рестораны, Афиша

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