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Do you know how to combine wine and meal, how to serve wine, how to avoid wine contrast with taste of other meals? Do you know the rules of wine etiquette? Our specialist in enogastronomy will answer these questions.

эногастрономия, эногастрономическое шоу

Enogastronomy is an art of wine combining with a meal. The main rule of enogastronomy is as follows: the meal is combined with wine taste, and wine does not predominate over meal taste.

Wine Fest will organize the Art of Enogastronomy culinary show and you will have a possibility to take part in it. This event will promote the culture of wine drinking in combination with cooked meals.

Wine Fest will provide all guests with an opportunity to become experts in enogastronomy and try the true taste of wine.

 Leading Ukrainian and foreign chefs and sommeliers will share their experience in enogastronomy in the special zone of master classes.

 Only at Wine Fest will you witness the enogastronomic process in real time: from wine choosing, description of wine characteristics and particularities to meal cooking by a chef and further meal tasting.

Рестораны, Афиша

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