Oct 19

Business event of Wine Fest

Conference about Author Winemaking

Within the frames of Wine Fest festival, Vinofest magazine initializes holding of

Interactive conference of winemakers and consumers: Author viticulture in Ukraine.

 Date: November 9, 12:00 - 13:45.

 Venue: hall 2 of KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center, 2-B Saliutna Str., Kyiv, Ukraine


 Understanding of author’s wine in Ukraine by Ivan Plachkov

 Combination of author and industrial viticulture at a single enterprise

Author winemaking as the promoter of wine culture all over the world

How consumers can distinguish author’s wine on a shop shelf

Modern author winemaking in Ukraine

Round table about Program of development of wine and viticulture market by 2025

The event will be held within the frames of Wine Fest exhibition on November, 10 at 11:00 a.m.

 Venue: exhibition hall 2, KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center, 2-B Saliutna Str., Kyiv, Ukraine

 The presentations planned for the round table:

 Presentation of the program

Development of wine market. Position of the industry and the state

Challenges that Ukrianian viticulture meets.

Problems of wine market to be solved

Promotion of Ukrainian wines in HoReСa

Promotion of Ukrainian wines in retail

Promotion of Ukrainian wines in specialized retial

Oct 19

Ask Maryna Tkachenko

The Conference is over

Oct 13

Wine Fest festival to welcome guests in November

On November 8-10, 2011 Wine Fest, the most large-scale Ukrainian festival of wine, will be held. It will represent wide variety of wines by Ukrainian and foreign producers.

Oct 03

Pleyady-Tour – the tour partner of Wine Fest festival

The Pleyady-Tour company is delighted to offer the participants and guests of Wine Fest Festival its accommodation services in Kyiv hotels, organization of transfers and excursions. The company is the official tour partner of the Festival.

Sep 28

Винные туры от партнера фестиваля Wine Fest

Участник фестиваля вина Wine Fest -  компания «Плеяды-тур» приглашает всех желающих посетить знаменитые винодельческие регионы мира.

Sep 26

Partners of Wine Fest festival on promotion of wine consumption culture

One of the Wine Fest participants – Semeiny Vinodel, the festival devoted to creation of home-made wine – invites guests to the festival of family winemaking till October 9, 2011.

Sep 23

Wine Fest to welcome visitors at Wedding of a Candle, the folk ceremonial event

Organizers of Wine Fest support not only the events related to the popularization of wine consumption culture in Ukraine, but also those facilitating the renaissance of Ukrainian national traditions.

Sep 22

Wine Fest and German Wine Festival: international partnership

In September, Kyiv welcomed the German Wine Festival, Wine Fest being its partner. The event was held under support of the European Business Association and Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Aug 29

Wine Fest participant introduces a new product line

Getting closer and closer to the autumn season, the INKERMAN INTERNATIONAL group of companies – one of the Wine Fest participants - has prepared a new line of wines named “elegant”.

Aug 22

Biggest companies of Ukraine – alcohol industry

DELO publishes the sector ratings of the biggest companies of Ukraine, compiled by the TOP-100 magazine. The companies were ranged according to the net revenue in 2010.

Jul 29

Festival of Wine: Wine Fest unites the industry. Internet conference with Mr. Oleg Koval

Why is Wine Fest festival important for Ukraine in general? Why do we need to develop wine consumption culture? Is Ukrainian wine able to compete with French or Spanish wine in quality? What is the difference between Wine Fest and other exhibition events devoted to the same sector?

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