Post-release of Wine Fest 2012

There is a stereotype connected with the fact that if the wine is from abroad it is a quality wine, and that there is no good Ukrainian wine. But we have good wines in Ukraine too and everybody should know this. That's why the Festival of wine is the right place to learn about, to taste and to ‘make friends’ with this noble drink.

Through 7 – 9 of November in the exhibition center KyivExpoPlaza the second edition of the Festival of wine - Wine Fest organized by the company Kyiv International Contract Fair and the Association Ukrainian Bureau of Vine and Wine was held.

However, the first day surprised guests with remarkable performance: Family Winemaker. Participants of the event showed the process of the creation of young wine: two beautiful girls, crashed grapes in the barrels with the observance of ancient traditions watched by the sophisticated public. By the way, this method of crushing helps saving the seeds undamaged and provides bitter taste of wine. Merry music, interesting video-accompaniment and perfect atmosphere of the festival made this event unforgettable, setting its participants in the festive mood.

The second day was dedicated mostly to business events. One of the most important events of the Festival was round-table Actual questions of protection of intellectual property rights and principles of honest competition in wine-making industry organized by the Committee of the Intellectual Property of the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce and Ukrainian Bureau of Vine and Wine. The participants discussed the most important questions about protection of rights of the trade marks, industrial standards, and also counteraction to unfair registrations, misuse of rights for intellectual property and other challenges in activity of honest market participants. Discussion seminar Ukrainian Planting Material, Advantages and Disadvantages, organized by the nursery enterprise Prydunaiskiy was also a success. Nursery-gardening is one of the most important areas of the viticulture industry, - notes Victor Dimchev, the leader of the enterprise. At the seminar he raised the question of the importance of nursery-garden as a component and interconnected element of the whole viticulture and winemaking industries.

Many presentations and workshops from the wine producing companies were held at Wine Fest. Representatives and sommeliers of the companies told about characteristic features of wines, production and assortment, consumption and combinations. Among them: Vinaoliva, TM Inkerman, TM Francuzskiy Bulvar, The House of Vintage Cognacs Tavria, TM SHABO. The representative of the company SHABO Tatiana Ponomarenko presented and also invited everybody to visit the only Ukrainian Center of the Wine Culture SHABO. This unique object is included into the tourist map of the European wine routes. One should point out presentation of the Spanish company Romandin - world leading producer of corks for alcoholic drinks with more than 120 year history. Today the company produces more than 1,5 billion corks per year, and this is 50% of the whole world volume of production.

Festival brought together participants from 7 countries. Within 3 days it was visited by more than 3000 people: winemakers, enologists, sommeliers, restaurateurs and simply wine gourmets.

Organizers plan to extend the ‘wine road’ which they laid, after creation of the Festival Wine Fest. Viticulture and wine making in Ukraine need support and development, particularly from the government’s side. Holding such an important event as Festival of wine, undoubtedly, must attract public attention in order with common efforts to achieve recognition of the Ukrainian wine abroad.

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