Reviews of Wine Fest festival participants

Reviews of Wine Fest festival participants.

Viktor Sydoruk, head of regional sales department,
Soniachna Dolyna

Soniachna Dolyna manufactures about 25 kinds of wine, including dry, dessert, strong and vintage ones. Mostly, the company is known due to its wines Chornyi Doktor and Chornyi Polkovnyk. Chornyi Doktor is the most famous trademark of our enterprise.

At Wine Fest, the visitors were interested in dry and semi-sweet wines, as well as dessert ones, like the dessert Soniachna Dolyna wine. Our products were highly appreciated by the visitors, because Soniachna Dolyna is made in the place where we have 300 sunny days per year, sea climate and special soil. Also, big interest was drawn to Doktor and Chornyi Polkovnyk wines. The visitors tasted these wines and witnessed they hadn’t tasted a wine at this exhibition that would be better than this one.

Among those visiting our stand, there were mostly the decision makers: owners of shops, retail chains, cafes, restaurants, etc. Also, we spoke to the representatives of a distribution company that was ready to include our wines into their portfolio of wines sold within the territory of Kyiv region. And, sure thing, we welcomed people who would like to taste good wines. We don’t refuse anyone, but don’t make them get drunk in any way: we offer just a little bit of wine – only to assess the quality of our products.

According to our point of view, the most saturated day of Wine Fest was the second day of the festival, November 9. Yet, on the closing day we still had a lot of people – they were coming, assessing the wine quality, share their experience, express their admiration.

We participate in other wine exhibitions as well, including the one held in Moscow. Thus we have a chance to compare the projects. I like Wine Fest. There are some interesting stands, for example, the stand of Inkerman TM. In general, we are completely satisfied with Wine Fest festival.

Dmytro Honcharuk, brand manager,
Wine farm of Duke Trubetskoy

At Wine Fest festival, al the products we represent are new, as we are a new company. We entered the market at the end of May 2011, and many people still have no idea about us, that is why all we have is novelties.

The visitors of our stand are interested in all of our wines. The most popular wine, of course, can hardly be sorted out, but Oksamyt Ukrainy is always ahead. Many people remember it due to the fact it was popular in the Soviet Union, and they would like to check what this trademark is like now.

People are interested in wine, but there is one nuance: about 50% of them don’t see the difference between wines. That is why on the first day of the Festival we had a non-limited tasting. Yet, on the second day we decided to make the Hour of our trademark in order to demonstrate our products to those who deal with wine, and have professional discussions. As a result, the most visited day at our stand was the first one, on which we had the biggest audience, but the second day was the most interesting one in terms of business contacts establishment.

Wine Fest festival is the first specialized exhibition of wine in Ukraine. I would compare it with Ukrainian wine: though it stil has a long way to go to reach the European and the world level, but for our country it is a really big leap. I remained satisfied with this project.

Anna Holovyznina-Syrynska, head of marketing department,
Zolotaia Balka, KF TOV

Our company represents its primary brand – Zolotaia Balka – at Wine Fest. The variety of products manufactured under this bran is wide, represented by champagne and sparkling wines, ranging from brut to muscat. We also represented a collection of sorted bruts – Merlot and Chardonnay. On top of that, a new trademark, ТМ KRIM CLASSIС, was presented.

The two sorted bruts of Zolotaia Balka won the highest popularity at Wine Fest, as they are definitely unsurpassed wines wine inimitable aroma and amazing taste. When speaking à la française, these are champagne wines Blanc de blanc and Blanc de noir. At the exhibition, we are also asked concerning muscats and sparkling wines, as consumers like them very much. And, of course, they are interested in the wines of the new trademark - KRIM CLASSIС, especially in brut, as it is the only champagne made in Ukraine in compliance with French blending procedure, i.e. only grapes of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are used.

Different kind of visitors approached our stand: owners of cafes and restaurants, industry professionals, and, of course, usual consumers interested in wine. Wide response was drawn by our event held on November, 9 – i.e. re-setting of the world record in filing the world’s largest wine glass with sparkling wine.

Wine Fest was not bad for us, taking into account this is the first experience in organization of wine festival in Ukraine. Participation in Wine Fest is an interesting experience. And we are eager to have it repeatedly.


Olexii Myrhorodskyi, brand manager,
Bakhchisarai TM and Ranetti TM

We managed to represent the whole line of the products manufactured by the Crimean wine&cognac factory Bakhchisarai. These are Bakhchisarai wines, cognacs, and balsams.

We also offer to our customers our novelty of this year – apple sparkling cider Ranetti, the range of which has four products listed: sweet cider, semi-sweet cider, dry cider, and Brutte cider, which was produced a couple of weeks ago. Thus, every person willing to taste cider, can choose the drink he likes best of all. It is rather difficult to select the most popular cider among them: they are all different, as well as people are. That is why all kinds of cider are tasted by our visitors.

At Wine Fest festival, not only consumers were interested in our products. The representatives of HoReCa segment would like to purchase our cider, as it is something new, and a good alternative to champagne. It is possible our ciders will be able to diversify the New Year celebration menu.

As for the impressions from the visitors, we had a very bright, creative and original exhibition stand at Wine Fest – that is why we were glad to see the visitors were in raptures over it. It is very important for us, as we present a new product here.

It is great the program of Wine Fest is very extensive. We need communication, experience exchange, knowledge sharing, because winemaking is a culture, and it has to be developed.



Liliia Burlakova, marketing analyst,
Colonist TM

At Wine Fest, Colonist TM will exhibit its dry wines – Sukholymanske, Aligote, Cabernet Stolove, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Reserved, as well as two kinds of dessert wines – Muskatne and Cabernet.

We organized tasting at our stand. Mostly, people prefer dessert wines, but within the latest years, there has been observed a shift towards dry wines. Our Merlot and Cabernet Reserved were a tremendous success at the festival.

Our exhibition stand was visited by the representatives of cafes and restaurants, hotel business professionals from the neighboring exhibition hall. They approached us to taste the products in order to understand whom they were going to cooperate with, that is they were choosing their business partners.

For our company, all three days of the festival were very saturated. The first and the second day featured a flood of visitors. The third day also brought us a lot of visitors with different offers. These business offers included sales of our wine as well as some advertising opportunities for our products.

I consider the first edition of Wine Fest festival to be a success. It combines a large number of events, namely enogastronomic shows, wine tastings at all stands, sales of wines, and entertaining programs. The Festival appeared to be very rich indeed.

Mykhailo Kyrychenko, visitor of the festival
Commercial director of DEZKO, TOV

Our company deals with pests fighting, including the sphere of viticulture. I have come to Wine Fest in order to communicate with its participants and offer our services.

I like exhibitions very much, and our company is a frequent participant of different events. An exhibition is an appropriate place for communicating with professionals.

In general, I have positive impression from this event. It looks very similar to a competition among sportsmen. When you come back from the competitions, you are in good shape, as you managed to see a lot of new things. The same is about exhibition: such events should be held more often, maybe even four times a year.

I wish Wine Fest to be held during the weekend as well – many people were at work this time, and had little possibilities to visit the event. To my mind, if this festival is extended, the number of visitors will grow for sure.

Oxana Voloshchuk, visitor of the festival
Interested in quality novelties in the market of wine.
7 years of work experience in HoReCa sector.

Among the manufacturers represented at Wine Fest festival, I remember Zolotaia Balka – they produce very good champagne. I also managed to open the wines of Colonist TM for myself, and I like it to such extent that I will do my best to find it somewhere at retail chains. It has a very interesting taste – like no other wine represented at supermarkets. Especially, I was astonished by Cabernet with honey.

We managed to visit Wine Fest only on the 3rd day of the festival, as earlier we had no opportunity to do this. I knew there would be such an exhibition, and wanted to visit it earlier, but circumstances overcame me.

I managed to visit the conference of Program of Wine and Winemaking Market Development by 2025. It was very interesting. I was please to learn our winemaking was developing and there were people, who were real connoisseurs of wine.

I liked Wine Fest. I think this was a great début, which has to get continuation. Such events are very important and needed ones. And it is needed by both manufacturers and consumers. The latter will get better understanding of the process of choosing a quality wine.

Anastasiia Nazarenko, visitor of the festival
Eurospichki company

Wine Fest was interesting to us from the point of view of joining the culture of wine consumption, and from the point of view of developing the new directions of our company’s activities. We came to see what was going on, to get to know new people and communicate with them.

At Wine Fest a lot of wine manufacturers were represented. I would not like to mention some particular ones – each manufacturer managed to adequately represent their trademarks. Besides, if a company is represented at such an event, this already shows its success and the certain level of their achievements.

I think the Festival was a success. And I wish we had more such events with pleasant atmosphere. It was great to become part of such an event, and I am thankful to the organizers of the festival for this.

Рестораны, Афиша

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