Geography of Wine Fest 2012 participants

13 foreign companies from Russia, Romania, Italy, France, Spain, the Balearic Islands (Mallorca) participate exclusively in Wine Fest 2012.

There are winemakers, manufacturers of equipment for grapes processing, lines for wine bottling, representatives of vine nurseries, manufacturers of "bread wine".

Don’t miss the chance to taste the true flavor of wine from recognized experts of winemaking and to find out secrets of a noble beverage creation from trend-setters of European wine vogue!

Murfatlar Romania (Romania), Mediterranean Gourmets (the Balearic Islands), Le Bertole, Gorgo, Pojer e Sandri, VILLADORIA, CANTINE TORRI SS, VIVAI COOP.RAUSCEDO (Italy), «Rodionob and sons» (Russia), AMOS INDUSTRIE, MATERIEL PERA, COSTRAL S.A. (France), VINAOLIVA SC. (Spain) will represent their products at Wine Fest.

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