Author wine in Ukraine. Interactive conference with winemakers

On November, 9 in Kyiv, within the frames of Wine Fest festival, the interactive conference of winemakers and consumers, devoted to author wine in Ukraine, was held.

On November, 9 in Kyiv, within the frames of Wine Fest festival, the interactive conference of winemakers and consumers, devoted to author wine in Ukraine, was held.

The audience’s questions concerning author winemaking were answered by: Ivan Plachkov, president of Ukrainian Bureau of Vine and Wine association; Olivier Dauga, consultant-enologist; Yuliia Komarova, representative of Guliev Wines trademark, Pavlo Shvets, president of the Association of the Independent Winemakers of the Crimea, as well as Olexandr Dubets and Larysa Shymhuk, both representing Inkerman International company.

Ukrainian author winemaking as seen by winemakers themselves

Ivan Plachkov: Author wine is a result of work not only of one person – this is rather a collective process. And all these people are undisputable authors of this wine. They create traditions, make wine desired for themselves and the others, and make everything they can in order to turn wine into a part of the destiny of its connoisseurs.

Olivier Dauga: Author wine is passion and certain life philosophy. Wine is divided into two categories – industrial and author one.  Industrial wine is sold at different shops available for anyone. Author wine is different, as one person sets the direction in its production, being supported by the rest of the team. There was no author wine in Ukraine about 5 years ago. Now, there is some, but not to the desired extent. I would like to draw the attention of big enterprises to production of author wine, to change quantity to quality, as Ukraine has all necessary resources for creation of such wine.

Pavlo Shvets: Today, we have to actively master production of terroir wines. In the Crimea, there are lots of climatic micro-zones, giving a possibility to produce the maximum diversity of wine sorts in this region.

Yuliia Komarova: Author wine is the wine of highest quality. For example, each label of the Guliev Wines is signed by the creator of the trademark. This shows his responsibility for the quality of his products.

Olexandr Dubets: Maximum number of Ukrainian people would like to taste good wine. In our products, we combined affordability and creative principle of a winemaker. Our products range has both mass products and author wine.

Larysa Shymchuk: Once, I had a chance to be among the pioneers of author wine creation in Ukraine and I am happy that more and more people in love with winemaking are joining the industry. Our author line Elegant was created during the 2011 season, which was acknowledged to be the richest one during the last decade. We decided to create Ukrainian national coloring in this product line.

Alcohol drinks licensing. Isn’t licensing the factor killing author wine and, imposed by large manufacturers in order to suppress smaller competitors?

Ivan Plachkov: The price of the license is constantly growing, and this is ridiculous. This is not the policy of big companies, but the policy of the state. Now we are in the process of preparing a bill to be submitted to Verkhovna Rada, which would help to lessen the license price.

Which wines are Ukrainian wines most similar to: ones of the Old World or those of the New World? Or are they completely different?

Pavlo Shvets: Sure thing Ukrainian wines are closer to the Old World, as we have similar climate peculiarities. The New World wines have other distinctive features, as the climate is worm during the whole year there, thus giving the wines specific features, not available in the Old World.

Will there be any authority in Ukraine which would coordinate the work of winemakers?

Ivan Plachkov: Our association is such kind of authority. We do much work in the government and attract attention of the state administration to the industry.

Why do Guliev Wines use foreign packaging? Is it difficult to find worthy Ukrainian manufacturers?

Yuliia Komarova: Unfortunately, there are no Ukrainian manufacturers meeting our requirements. And these requirements are high.

Are Ukrainian consumers ready to accept author wine, and are they ready to buy it?

Pavlo Shvets: There exists the evolution of a taste, when a person tends to the better. The more seriously a person consumes wine, the more complicated wines he chooses. In Ukraine, there are a lot of people ready to spend much money for great wine. And demand for Ukrainian wine is higher than supply.

The conference was held at the stage of Wine Fest festival. The conference organizers are Kyiv International Contract Fair, Ltd. and Akcyz magazine.

Wine Fest festival is open through November 10, 2011 in KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center (address: 2-B, Saliutna Str., Kyiv, Ukraine).

More information is available at the official web site of the festival -

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