Terms of participation

Application form for participation in the exhibition

THE EQUIPPED EXHIBITION AREA IN THE EXHIBITION HALL. The standard exhibition area price includes: expenses on exhibition area equipped with stand having one open side, signboard with the name of the firm, a table, two chairs, a lighting appliance, a USDopean wall socket, a waste-paper basket, a coat-rack, a fitted carpet as well as security when the exhibition is closed, cleaning of passages.

THE UNEQUIPPED EXHIBITION AREA IN THE EXHIBITION HALL. The price includes: expenses on exhibition area, security when the exhibition is closed, cleaning of passages.


  • having 2 open sides is 15% of the exhibition area cost;
  • having 3 open sides is 20% of the exhibition area cost;
  • having 4 open sides is 25% of the exhibition area cost.

THE UNEQUIPPED OPEN AREA EXHIBITION SPACE. The price includes: exhibition area, security when the exhibition is closed.

NECESSARY REGISTRATION FEE IS FOR EVERY FIRM PARTICIPATING IN THE EXHIBITION. The price includes: expenses on advertising campaign, dispatch of invitations, newsletters, information insertion in the exhibition catalogue, badges, Wi-Fi Internet access. The registration fee shall be paid within 10 days upon signature of the application contract.

THE CORRESPONDENCE PARTICIPATION. The Participant gets the right to insert information in the official exhibition catalogue and for one page of colour advertisement into the official catalogue.

PROMOTER (ADVERTISING MATERIAL DISTRIBUTION) - at extra charge for all period of exhibition holding (only on condition of registration fee payment).


Dates of fixing exhibits 02-03.11.2015 9 a.m - 10 p.m.
Official opening 04.11.2015 12 a.m.
Opening hours daily for exhibitors
04.11.2015 9 a.m - 6 p.m.

05.11.2015 9 a.m - 6 p.m.

06.11.2015 9 a.m - 6 p.m.
Move-out 06.11.2015 6 p.m - 10 p.m.

It is necessary to fill in an application form to be included in the list of Participants and send it to the address of the Organizer till 25.10.2015.

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse the application in the following cases:

  • if application is not presented in due time;
  • if the participation payment is not made in due time;
  • if goods don’t match the theme of the exhibition;
  • if design-project of the stand is not stipulated in due time.

The location of the exhibition stand will be determined after reception of application and stipulation of the stand design-project. In case of unequipped exhibition area order the Participant shall agree the stand design and the terms of stand construction with the Organizer by 10.10.2015.


Participation payment is made on the currency account of the Organizer (according to invoice). Account No: 26004305037, the State Oschadny Bank of Ukraine (OSCHADBANK) LTD, 12-g Hospitalna Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01023, SWIFT: COSBUAUKKIE, Kiev Regional Branch. The payment shall be made by 10.10.2015. If the Participant violates the fixed date of payment the Organizer may increase the payment amount at the rate of 1 per cent for each day of delay and may change the place of the stand at the exhibition. In case of Participant’s refusal from taking part in the exhibition presented in writing:

  • by 01.10.2015 - the Organizer shall give back 80 per cent of the total amount of the remitted payment;
  • by 14.10.2015 - the remitted payment shall be returned at the rate of 50 per cent;
  • after 20.10.2015- the remitted money shall not be returned and no claim to the Organizer shall be accepted.


The Architect bureau of Kyiv International Contract Fair is the general disponent of the exhibition construction. The Participant shall agree all the questions concerning the stand erection with the Architect bureau by 20.10.2015, tel. +38 044 490-93-47. Participants constructing their stand themselves are obliged to get the accreditation (permission for construction works) in KYIVEXPOPLAZA exhibition center. Additional information can be obtained via phone +380 44 4619585, +380 44 4619921.


The Participant provides the Organizer with the information including: company name, address, telephone, fax, email, brief information about the main directions of the company’s activities. Information (in English) shall not exceed 70 words. The deadline for the information submission is 25.10.2015. In case of untimely information submission the Participant is disentitled of the information insertion into the official catalogue of the exhibition and no claim to the Organizer shall be accepted.


  1. The Participant shall occupy an exhibition area before 9 p.m. 03.11.2015 and vacate it by 10 p.m. 06.11.2015. When entering the fairground, the Participant shall accept the booth place; while leaving, the Participant shall give back all the equipment and free the exhibition area in good condition. In case of damage or loss of the exhibition equipment the Participant reimburses it to the Organizer at the rate of the total cost within a week.
    The Participant shall stipulate with the Organizer the following:
    • execution of artistic and decoration work outside the exhibition stand space;
    • time, contents, place of show-program performance;
    • a period of time for organizing seminars, conferences;
    • an opportunity to sell information and advertising material outside the stand.
  2. The Organizer is not responsible for preservation, damage or theft of the Participant’s property during opening time of the exhibition.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to change the conditions for participation in the exhibition before the Participant signs the application.
  4. A system of discounts is available for the exhibition area price for the Participant.
  5. The Participant is obliged to observe the safety regulations, fire safety, and exhibition work schedule.
  6. Customs service is paid by the Participant under the tariff stated in the customs legislation of Ukraine.
  7. Products sales from the exhibition stand of the participating company shall be conducted in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
  8. The noise level at the Participant’s stand shall not exceed 60 dB. When receiving complaints from other participants, the Organizer reserves the right to switch off the noise source (after verbal warning).
  9. The necessary preconditions for the Participant to organize workshops using food stuff are the following:
    • the chef shall have a sanitary certificate;
    • the food stuffs used for dishes preparation shall have the quality certif

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