Architectural bureau

Provides a complex of services including stands’ planning, building and designing.

  • planning of exhibition stands’ design-projects;
  • stands’ turn-key building and designing;
  • prototype, graphic and plotter work;

Our architectural bureau, having received your short technical task where you are giving all necessary characteristics of your stand, will make a conception of exhibition stand which will be an image and ideology expression of your company.

You will be able to choose a design-project of your future stand from offered variants which will correspond to your wishes.

You will certainly receive a nice functional and practical stand which will be a particularity of the exhibition.

High quality of building is based on experience of many years since 1994 and modern productive base.

Please contact our architectural bureau to get all necessary information from our experts.
Phone/fax: (044) 461 9347

Рестораны, Афиша

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