Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill

PJSC "Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill - is one of the biggest enterprises in Europe on cardboard and paper production.

Production of leading brands of Ukraine and the transnational companies is packed into tare from the corrugated cardboard of PJSC "Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill".

The box (packing) cardboard, which is produced by the Mill, is applied to manufacturing of consumer packing for the various goods. High quality of tissue paper was estimated by many manufacturers of sanitary-and-hygienic products, and toilet paper "Obukhov" and "Dyvo" are the most sold in a segment of toilet paper in Ukraine.

Festival of wine Wine Fest 2012 opened!

On November 7 Festival of wine Wine Fest 2012 opened at the exhibition center KyivEpoPlaza (2B, Saliutna Str.).

Geography of Wine Fest 2012 participants

13 foreign companies from Russia, Romania, Italy, France, Spain, the Balearic Islands (Mallorca) participate exclusively in Wine Fest 2012.

Wine Fest wine festival – the most interesting and informative event in the winery industry of Ukraine

In the ancient times, wine was considered to be a gift of the gods and a symbol of the life force. Unfortunately, the social status of wine has not reached high level in Ukraine yet. It is necessary to taste wine to understand it, its diversity of species, the indisputable advantages.


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